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ID CardsID Cards - ID Cards for a range of people. We don't just have information on ID cards, we also have info on ID card software, ID card printers, child ID cards for when you lose them, and medical ID cards online as well as others.

A child ID card is a convenient and effective form of child identification, because parents and guardians carry the ID cards in their purses and wallets just like a driver's license.

Proper child ID is very important. Each parent should carry child's ID all the time. For maximum benefit, child ID cards must be properly prepared and contain the exact information that is required by authorities to find a lost or missing child. If you think that your child is missing or lost, you can respond immediately by handing the ID card over to authorities on the spot. This speeds up the search for the lost child immeasurably. Authorities agree that the faster you act, the faster you'll find your child.

Since showing concern for missing children gains media attention and reflects community concern, ID's are often used as promotional items. Offering the ID makes the sponsor look good, but too often little attention is given to the function, content, and quality of the ID. These cards can be obtained from child identification and security companies, through mall or business promotions, occasionally from police, and in do-it-yourself kits. Home-made cards generally have low quality, but they still offer a valuable and convenient form of immediate response identification, especially if no ID card service is available in your area. Yello Dyno

Every family member, care-giver, or institution that cares for or supervises the child should have a current copy of the child ID card readily available. The ID cards are a valuable resource for children and parents to have in their possession. Schools, daycare centers, care-givers, baby-sitters, and family members who care for the child should have a copy of the ID card as well.

Child card small
Child card small

All prices quoted on this page are indicative US prices at October 2006 - prices may change - please check with the retailer.

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KIDSAFE ID - Your resource on the Internet that provides fun and high quality child ID cards for kids! Parents can choose from 30 unique, kid-friendly designed themes to customize a child ID and have it printed professionally on durable plastic. Shipping services across US.

Your Safe Child - Child print, kid identification, fingerprint ID kits, ID cards, DNA, Toothprints. Mails orders worldwide.

It's is also important for children to have your contact information. If they are injured or lost, the identifying information can help law enforcement or concerned citizens contact you. ID tags, complete with parent name and phone numbers, can be tied into shoes, backpacks, wallets, fanny packs or purses.

Customized ID Cards

In Kid Safe Id you have the option to create a child ID card on-line by selecting some customizable options like background designs; or you could order one by mail. A basic package include one regular size ID card and a tag for US$7.95.

ChildPrint ID Card

Sells as a part of a kit with these features:

  • A non-toxic fingerprinting ink strip.
  • A 12 mil. (sturdy) clear self-lamination pouch.
  • 3.25" x 2" Child ID card which records complete contact, physical, and medical information, parents'/guardians' contact information, and release signature, plus an adhesive tab to firmly secure a small photo.
  • Complete instructions.
  • Ships to: Worldwide.
  • Price: US$3.99 for each single card.
  • Link for on-line order: Your Safe Child
Child id card templates
Child ID card templates

Child safe id card (Click to enlarge)
Child safe ID card

Child photo id card (Click to enlarge)
Child photo ID card

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